How do we choose the rocker arm for our servo?

How do we choose the rocker arm for our servo?

Introduction of Sincecam steering Arms

SC25T01 is made of all-aluminum CNC, and the middle of the arm body is hollowed out, so that the hardness of the arm body of SC25T01 is weakened. The purpose is to protect the steering gear. If you get out of danger, the high-torque steering gear will twist and deform the rocker arm, rather than the steering gear breaking the drive shaft or the gear is damaged.



SC25T02 is CNC-molded with soft aluminum material, and the arm body is thickened as a whole. However, due to the insufficient hardness of the aluminum material, when the wheel of the remote control car is stuck and cannot swing or falls from a high altitude, the torque of the steering gear will make the rocker arm and The spline tooth of the arm at the connection of the steering gear drive shaft is worn out, so as to protect the steering gear.


SC25T05 is processed by imported AL7075T6 duralumin CNC. It is suitable for racing cars, drift cars and high-torque remote control cars. The advantages are high precision and durability. are easily damaged.
How would you choose?
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