Choosing the Correct Servo

Size:The body size and mounting hole size of the servo will determine the size of the servo you choose. Our servos are divided into standard, mini or micro to help you narrow down your choices. The detailed specifications of the servos are available under the details page of each servos. You can download them to view their performance and detailed dimensions. Also please note! Some models may have problems such as limited installation space or inappropriate rocker arm position due to different installation depths.

Voltage:Our servo systems have three voltages: 2S, 3S and 4S respectively. Please refer to your model voltage when purchasing. To use a 2S LiPo receiver battery without BEC, you need to choose a servo system that is compatible with 7.4 volts. These servos can also be used at lower voltages, but performance will be reduced.

Torque:What is the size and weight of your model? Generally speaking, the larger and heavier the model, your servo should provide higher torque. You can also refer to the original servo of the model. If the length of the servo rocker arm is too long, the torque will attenuate.

Speed:The response speed of the server directly changes the control feeling of the model. Fast is a good thing, but using a servo that is too fast will cause a twitching feeling. Please do not overdo it. You can refer to the original servo or your personal control habits.

Gear:Our gear is made of reinforced steel with helical tooth design, which has good linearity and is more stable. Metal gears are a good choice for large car models or models that are used frequently and are often subject to severe impacts. If the servo is used on high-frequency and high-impact models, we recommend using a servo saver.

Motor:We provide two motor options: coreless motor and brushless motor. Coreless motor provides better power and reliability, and can change direction faster and more accurately. Brushless motors produce aggressive power, faster torque, faster response and greater efficiency. And lasts a long time.

Case:Fully CNC aluminum case, which can improve motor heat dissipation and reduce housing bending deformation. Provides a more stable platform for mounting points. The all-aluminum-cased servo is not indestructible, but it is very strong.

Waterproof:Our servos have an IP67 waterproof rating, which means they “can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep without being affected”. But they cannot withstand underwater movement at greater depths.

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