Why do we use Oblique gears?

Why do we use Oblique gears?

What are the advantages of Oblique gears over spur gears?

First look at what spur and Oblique gears look like.


 During the meshing process of spur gears, for each tooth, the entire eating surface participates in meshing, while for Oblique gears, a part of the eating surface participates in meshing, and there are more parameters and meshing surfaces.


The advantages of Oblique gears over spur gears are:

1. Stable operation and low noise. Because only a part of each eating surface of the Oblique gear participates in the meshing process, or it is understood that each tooth gradually participates in the meshing, no large vibration will be generated, so the noise is low.

2. High load capacity, the Oblique gear with the same modulus and the same width has a stronger load capacity than the spur gear, because the effective tooth width of the Oblique gear is larger in this case.

3. Compact structure: the smaller the minimum number of teeth, the more compact the structure, and the general parameters can be miniaturized!

Disadvantages: complex processing technology and high requirements on material properties.

The above advantages are enough to make Oblique gears stand out from other transmission methods in many applications, such as when low noise is required, and the transmission equipment is compact in structure, light in weight, and high in efficiency.

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