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SC6035MGX 2023

Sincecam 35kg High Speed Coreless Waterproof Digital Steering All Metal Servo

Sincecam 35kg High Speed Coreless Waterproof Digital Steering All Metal Servo

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  • High Speed Servo:35kg 1/10 RC Servo,Digital Coreless Steering Servo,Fastest Speed up to 0.09sec/60°@8.4V,Maximum Torque of 38kg-cm(528oz-in)@8.4V,Ultra Fast,Extremely Strong,Low Noise.
  • Steering Servo 1/10:IP67 Waterproof Design,Dustproof,Servo Can Still Work Normally When Immersed in 1 Meter Deep Water for 30 Minutes,Control Angle 180 Degrees
  • Oblique Gears Servo:Reinforced Steel Helical Gears,Excellent Linearity,More Stable,Durable,Full CNC Aluminum Case Fast Heat Dissipation,All Ball Bearings,High Precision Potentiometer,Precise Control.
  • 1/10 Digital Servo:SC6035MGX is Standard Digital Servo with Programmable Feature,Size:1.57 x 0.78 x 1.59 in(40x20x40.5mm),2.8oz (80g),Lncludes a 25T Metal Servo Arm.
  • Sincecam Crawler Servo:2S Lipo Wide Voltage DC6V-8.4V,Ideal for 1/8 1/10 1/12 Buggy,Monster Car,Robot,RC Car,Boat,Airplane,Helicopter,On-road,Off-road etc.If You Have Any Idea About Our Digital Servo,Please Contact us,We Will Provide You a Better Solution to Your Satisfaction.
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SC6035MGX High Speed Coreless Servo

Product Description

2024 Version Reinforced steel Oblique Gears,Thickened Pins Shaft,More Stable and Durable,Three Ball Bearings,Excellent Linearity,Precise Control,Optimizes the Motor Speed and Starting Current.

Sincecam SC6035MGX High Torque Servos Adopts High-performance Durable Coreless Motor,High Quality Precision Potentiometers,±5° Angular Deviation,Maximum Torque up 38kg-cm.

Programmable Digital Servo, Factory Default is “Standard Mode”,use EX619BT Pro Programming Card to Change Servo Torque,Speed,Angle,Reverse,Median,and more.

This Standard 38kg Servo Suitable for Professional Competition Players,RC Cars Equipment Players Who Pursue the Ultimate and Extreme,All Aluminum Case,Reinforced Steel Oblique Gear and Three Ball Bearings,Excellent Linearity,Precise Control,Stable,Low-noise,The body measures 40.5mm.Middle and Bottom Shells Increase the Heat Sink Process,So that the Internal Structure of the Servo Absorbs Heat Evenly and Runs Smoothly. Which Makes Your Model Give Full Play to its Handsome Charm.When You Travel Through the Mountains and Pass by the Charming Streams,IP67 Waterproof Dustproof Design Allows Your Model to Play with the River.

Suitable for 1/8 1/10 1/12 RC Cars,Crawler,Buggy,Monster Car,Robot,Boat,Airplane,Helicopter,On-road,Off-road Upgrade Kits.

  • Three Ball Bearings
  • Reinforced Steel Oblique Gears
  • High Efficiency Long Life Coreless Motor
  • IP67 Waterproof,Dustproof Design
  • Body size shortened to 40.5mm.
Stall Torque
  • 6.0V@ 29kg-cm (403oz-in)
  • 7.4V@ 34kg-cm (472oz-in)
  • 8.4V@ 38kg-cm (528oz-in)
Operating Speed
  • 6.0V@ 0.12sec / 60°
  • 7.4V@ 0.10sec / 60°
  • 8.4V@ 0.09sec / 60°
Idle Current
  • 6.0V@ 10mA
  • 7.4V@ 15mA
  • 8.4V@ 20mA
Running Current (no load)
  • 6.0V@ 400mA
  • 7.4V@ 450mA
  • 8.4V@ 500mA
Stall Current (at locked)
  • 6.0V@ 2600mA
  • 7.4V@ 3000mA
  • 8.4V@ 3700mA
  • Operating Angle:180° ±5°(Potentiometers)
  • Control System:PWM Control(1520 uSec in the central point)
  • Pulse Width:500 to 2500 uSec
  • Working Frequency:50-1000Hz
  • Dead Band:2uSec
  • Operating Tamperature:-20℃~+70℃
  • Bearing:Three Ball Bearings
  • Horn Gear Splial:∅6.0-25T
  • Connector Wire:22AWG 300mm JR Silicone Wire
  • Dimension:40x20x40.5mm(1.57 x 0.78 x 1.59in)
  • Weight:80g (0.176 Pounds)
Package Included
  • 1 x SC6035MGX Standard Servo
  • 1 x 25T Metal Arms
  • 2 x Screw M2x8
  • 2 x Screw M3x6

    SC6035MGX Coreless Servo

    SC6035MGX Digital Coreless Servo Parameter Table and External 2D Dimensions File Download


    Design your own Sincecam RC servo, laser engrave your favorite servo with your own text or pattern content.

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