Sincecam low-profile servos are on the market

Sincecam low-profile servos are on the market

Introducing the new low-profile servos from Sincecam! After dedicating six months to research and development, our team has finally launched these cutting-edge servos that have been designed to take your driving experience to the next level. With different torques and colors to choose from, you can customize your ride to suit your preferences.

Our low-profile servos feature an all-aluminum casing and all-reinforced steel helical gear, making them dustproof and splash water.This means you can drive your car out in more conditions without having to worry about the safety of your servos.


The models is :

EX2918MGX Black
EX2918MGX Green

6.0@ 12kg-cm (166.5oz-in) is 4200mAh
7.4V@ 16kg-cm (222oz-in) is 5500mAh
8.4V@ 18kg-cm (250oz-in) is 6000mAh

EX2927MGX Black
EX2927MGX Green

6.0@ 20kg-cm (277.6oz-in) is 4500mAh
7.4V@ 23kg-cm (319oz-in) is 5600mAh
8.4V@ 27kg-cm (375oz-in) is 6000mAh

EX2940MGX Black
EX2940MGX Green

6.0@ 32kg-cm (444oz-in) is 4500mAh
7.4V@ 37kg-cm (513.5oz-in) is 5300mAh
8.4V@ 40kg-cm (555oz-in) is 6000mAh

EX2950MGX Black
EX2950MGX Green

6.0@ 35kg-cm (485.8oz-in) is 4500mAh
7.4V@ 45kg-cm (624.6oz-in) is 5300mAh
8.4V@ 50kg-cm (694oz-in) is 6200mAh


We are proud to announce that we have achieved two world firsts with our new low-profile servos. The first is the EX2918MGX. This servo has an incredible response speed of 0.03sec / 60° under 8.4V voltage and has a torque of 18kg-cm (250oz-in) to satisfy even the most demanding car enthusiasts. Whether you are into drift cars, racing cars, or speed cars, the EX2918MGX is the perfect choice for you.

The second world first is the EX2950MGX. With a height of just 29mm, this servo can achieve an astonishing 50kg-cm (694oz-in)@8.4V, and its speed can also reach 0.07sec / 60° @8.4V. This is the perfect servo for those who demand the utmost power and precision from their cars.

At Sincecam, we are extremely proud of our new low-profile servos, and we are confident that you will be too. Our servos are designed to provide the utmost in performance, reliability, and versatility, ensuring that you get the most out of your ride every time you hit the road. So why wait? Try our low-profile servos today and experience the difference for yourself!

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